Revitalizing Portuguese Heritage through Artisanal Home Décor.

A Testament to Portuguese Craftsmanship and the Transformation of Local Manufacturing.

Mariamélia is a unique project that is changing the way we view local manufacturing. It is based in Porto, Portugal and collaborates with local artisans and manufacturers to create exceptional, high-quality home décor items.

Mariamélia is not just a brand, it is a tribute to the rich heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Portugal. This project works exclusively with Portuguese manufacturers and artisans, primarily from the northern region of the country.

The project is dedicated to the world of local manufacturing in Portugal, developing and handpicking significant objects in collaboration with local craftsmen and artisans. These artisans, who master rare technologies and work on a small scale, sometimes with semi-industrial processes, are the backbone of Mariamélia.

Mariamélia mainly focuses on creating objects for the home, selecting significant items that enhance the experience of living well at home. All the products are made with high-quality materials and in small quantities, ensuring longevity. The goal of Mariamélia is to develop and select objects that reflect a more minimalist and informed philosophy of life.

The project is led by Filipa Cruz, a designer who works regularly with a network of artisans and small local producers. Filipa develops original products and curates traditional handcrafted pieces. She occasionally collaborates with artists and creates close relationships of trust with all the artisans and manufacturers she works with in product development.

Mariamélia was founded in 2014, and in 2018 it became a more solid project, expanding partnerships with artisans and producers from different areas. Mariamélia believes in manufacturing as a practice that allows for the constant improvement of a product through know-how, the accumulation of practical knowledge, the repetition of gestures, and the taste of doing. Mariamélia also believes in unique objects, although thought of in an aggregating way, that are culturally significant. They do not want to develop objects just as style exercises.

Mariamélia wants to bring not only the idea of truth through objects but also meaning: the relevance of an object both within the house and in our life. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the patio, the bedroom, or the living room, life at home should have a soul in every presence. Because if we’re surrounded by objects that are the best, we don’t need many. Surrounded by objects full of truth (because the gestures of making are still there), we know we are at home. Mariamélia aspires to make you feel at home.

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