Margarida Fabrica
The Beauty of Handcrafted Ceramics and the Joy of Simple Pleasures.

A Journey into the World of Handcrafted Ceramics and the Beauty of Everyday Objects.

Margarida Fabrica, is a testament to the beauty of handmade ceramics. With a collection that ranges from tableware to decorative items, each piece is a unique work of art, crafted with love and attention to detail. The brand embodies a lifestyle that values the simple pleasures of life, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty in everyday objects.

Margarida M. Fernandes, a designer with a background in product and graphic design, founded the company in 2010. Her love for ceramics and clay motivated her to create a collection that can add warmth, joy, and a touch of history to every corner of your home.

The handmade pieces are designed and crafted in Portugal, highlighting the collaboration between human hands and the raw material. The slow process of craftwork ensures that each piece is unique, carrying its own identity and charm.

The collection of Margarida Fabrica features a range of tableware, kitchenware, and decorative items. Each piece is a work of art, ranging from plates, bowls, cups, mugs, teapots, butter dishes, and soap dishes, to vases, pots, and more.

The brand is well-known for its exclusive and unique collections that mirror the founder’s passion and talent. One of their most remarkable collections is Fauna & Flora, featuring items embellished with stunning fauna and floral motifs. Customers can customize the designs on various pieces according to their preferences. The Monogram collection provides personalized monograms for families, designed by Margarida Fabrica. Clients can choose from an exclusive monogram for a single client/family or a non-exclusive one from their archive of monograms for multiple clients/families.

Margarida Fabrica is more than just a ceramics brand. It represents a lifestyle that values the appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. The brand encourages us to slow down and appreciate the beauty in everyday objects, reminding us that every object has a story to tell if we take the time to listen.

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