Luna Home Decor
Where passion meets craftsmanship, offering unique hand-crafted wooden goods.

Step into the enchanting world of Luna Home Decor & Accessories, where passion and creativity intertwine to bring you exquisite hand-crafted wooden goods.

Luna Home Decor & Accessories is a unique and extraordinary home decor brand that specializes in creating handcrafted interior decoration pieces and daily use items. The brand was founded by Raquel and Tiago in their home studio, driven by their passion for creating unique and personalized spaces.

Raquel and Tiago’s idea for Luna Home Decor & Accessories originated from their desire to create a unique and personalized space without having to spend a lot of money. When they started living together, they decided to make their own furniture and decorative objects, which were so well-received that they decided to open an online store. Their store offers a wide range of handmade products that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

One of the unique aspects of Luna Home Decor & Accessories is their commitment to sustainability. They stand against waste and use woodworking waste to make new pieces. They also collect wood from in-between season prunings to create wooden cutlery and small kitchen accessories, which are unique and respectful to the planet. By doing so, they ensure that each product is unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Luna Home Decor & Accessories’ commitment to sustainability is admirable and their use of woodworking waste and in-between season prunings to create their products is a great example of how we can reduce waste and create beautiful things at the same time. This is a reminder that we can all do our part to live more sustainably by making small changes in our daily lives that can make a big impact on the planet.

Another interesting fact about Luna Home Decor & Accessories is the story behind Tiago’s love for carving. It started as a form of therapy and meditation while he waited for his surgery. During that time, he learned to carve a spoon, and this simple act kept him grounded and brought inspiration back into his life. Now, Raquel and Tiago have developed other decorative pieces using the same technique, which adds a unique touch to their collection.

At Luna Home Decor & Accessories, every product is hand-drawn and hand-carved by Raquel and Tiago. They use only the best materials and tools to create their unique and beautiful pieces. They pride themselves on ensuring that each piece is crafted with a lot of passion and attention to detail.

Luna Home Decor & Accessories is a brand that combines creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship to create unique, handmade accessories and decorations. Their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship makes their products stand out in the market, and they have gained a loyal customer base. Each product is crafted with attention to detail and passion, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

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