Grauº Ceramica
A Lisbon-based Ceramics Brand that Reflects the City’s Heritage and Artistic Flair.

Unique and Unrepeatable Pieces Handmade with Modern Tribal Style and Minimalist Geometric Twist

Grauº Cerâmica is a Lisbon-based ceramics brand that creates unique and beautifully crafted pieces, each with its own personality. The brand was born during the pandemic when Isac Coimbra and Diogo Ferreira left their jobs and turned to working with clay as a source of therapy and relaxation. Their creative immersion resulted in various elements, including masks, rope mobiles, pendants, vases, jars, and tableware. Every piece is handmade, from the initial kneading to the final baking, giving each one slight variations that make them one-of-a-kind.

The pieces are made from different colored stoneware clay and are available in black, terracotta, and white. Some of their pieces are glazed, while others are not, but they all look fantastic. The accessories used to accompany some of their pieces are made from jute and rope, adding another layer of uniqueness to their work. The style is known as “modern tribal,” with a minimalist and geometric twist that enhances interior rooms or complements outside spaces.

Grauº Cerâmica’s work is not only beautiful but also practical. Their pieces are cooked at high temperatures, up to 1300ºC, making them waterproof and highly resistant. The brand believes in the value of exclusivity, so each piece is unique and unrepeatable, which makes it even more special.

Grauº Cerâmica’s work reflects Lisbon’s heritage and artistic flair. The brand has captured the public’s attention with its beautifully crafted pieces. They bring joy and creativity into daily life that is both practical and tangibly beautiful. Their work is a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of taking time for oneself. Each piece is a work of art, and they enhance the ambiance of any space they are placed in.

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