Crafting Emotion Through Sustainable Design.

Experience the Fusion of Tradition, Innovation, and Sustainability in Furniture Design.

DAM is a Portuguese brand that has been revolutionizing the world of designer furniture and accessories since 2013. Founded by Joana Santos and Hugo Silva, both of whom hold graduate and master’s degrees in Design from the University of Aveiro, Portugal, DAM is a brand that is known for its ability to capture emotions, simplicity, and quality of life in their products. They are committed to being sustainable and providing a unique experience to their customers.

DAM’s approach to furniture design goes beyond functionality. They believe in crafting each piece with a unique narrative that creates an emotional connection with the user. Their philosophy is that design shouldn’t be limited to aesthetics but should also evoke an emotional response. To achieve this, they research and collect stories about cultural heritage and traditional objects, resulting in original and creative designs.

Moreover, DAM is committed to sustainability. They use natural materials and traditional techniques in Portugal to create eco-friendly products that are durable and easily disposable at the end of their life.

The brand works with some of the most prestigious designers in Portugal, who bring new materials, technologies, and memories to the brand. Together, they have developed iconic products like the Celeste side table, inspired by a character that carries grapes in the basket on her back.

DAM offers a wide range of high-quality design furniture and accessories that are not only functional but also tell a story. They collaborate with architects, interior designers, procurement companies, and business owners to create bespoke products or customize products from their main collection.

DAM is more than just a furniture brand; it’s an experience that combines design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Their love for creating unique products that tell a story is reflected in every piece they create. If you want to experience furniture that transcends the ordinary and embodies sustainability, think DAM!