The Evolution of a Cultural Icon.

A Journey from Traditional Craftsmanship to Modern Design.

Bicachair is a furniture brand that embodies the essence of Portuguese craftsmanship and design. Since its inception, the brand has been dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Portugal and elevating it to a global audience. Bicachair’s journey began with the creation of the Portuguese chair, a functional piece of furniture designed for outdoor use in the mid-1950s. The chair’s distinctive metal structure and traditional design quickly became a symbol of national pride and cultural heritage in Portugal.

The Portuguese chair was designed by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos and Master Serafim, with a simple yet functional approach that made it perfect for outdoor use. The chair’s metal structure was sturdy and durable, able to withstand the elements without losing its charm. Over the years, the Portuguese chair became a staple on terraces across the country, earning it a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese people.

Bicachair has taken this iconic piece and given it a new lease of life, transforming it into a more intimate and comfortable piece of furniture suitable for indoor use. The chairs retain their classic appeal while incorporating innovative design elements, unique finishes, and bold details. Bicachair’s commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics, with the chairs crafted from high-quality materials that ensure durability and minimal maintenance. Customers have praised the brand for its exceptional craftsmanship, clean design, and top-notch paint and leather finishes.

Bicachair’s mission goes beyond creating beautiful chairs. The brand is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Portugal and elevating the Portuguese chair to an international level, making it available and accessible to anyone. Bicachair is committed to environmental and social responsibility, with sustainability and social responsibility at the core of their conduct. They believe in doing their part to contribute to a better world.

Bicachair offers unique collections of the Portuguese chair for cafes, restaurants, and bars. The brand has retained the traditional roots of the original model while adding modern characteristics that work well in indoor, informal, or luxury spaces. The result is a chair that’s robust, resistant, modern, and comfortable, a true contemporary classic that’s even collectible. Bicachair designs and builds unique collections of the Portuguese chair that are perfect for those who value quality and individuality.

In conclusion, Bicachair is more than just a furniture brand – it’s a cultural icon that embodies the finest of Portuguese craftsmanship and innovative design. The brand’s commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of Portugal while adapting it for the modern world is evident in every piece they produce. Bicachair is leading the way in making the future belong to the Portuguese chair, and they have rightfully earned their place as a celebrated cultural icon.