Rug by GUR
A Symphony of Art and Craftsmanship in the Realm of Interior Design.

Where Portuguese Craftsmanship and Global Artistry Come Together to Create Stunning Rugs.

Rugs are often seen more as functional items than artistic masterpieces, but Rug by GUR is changing that perception. The brand was founded in 2013 by Célia Esteves and has transformed the rug into a canvas for expression.

Rug by GUR is a brand that challenges norms in home decoration. By transforming rugs into canvases for expression, Rug by GUR pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in interior design.

The inception of Rug by GUR took place when Célia Esteves crossed paths with the weaver Claudia Vilas Boas during an exhibition. Captivated by the potential of weaving, Célia embarked on a journey to merge the past with the present and blend craftsmanship with contemporary design. This marked the birth of Rug by GUR — a brand that has since become renowned for its top-notch rugs.

At its core, Rug by GUR embraces the time-honored artistry of weaving. The brand collaborates closely with rug weavers who employ materials and techniques reminiscent of those used in classic kitchen rugs. However, Rug by GUR takes it a step further by inviting artists to express their creativity through this medium, resulting in each rug becoming a piece of art.

The process of crafting a rug by GUR Rug is meticulous and time-intensive, with each rug being custom-made and taking approximately four weeks to produce. The proposed designs from artists are carefully evaluated to ensure they are suitable for the rugs. Factors like the limitations posed by handloom techniques, such as size and pattern restrictions, are taken into consideration. Despite these challenges, Célia and her team strive to stay true to the design, often thinking creatively to adapt the artwork according to the artist’s vision.

Presently, Rug by GUR boasts a growing collection of rugs that exemplify the brand’s dedication to expression and exceptional craftsmanship. With over 80 designers contributing to their collection, Rug by GUR continues to expand its repertoire with captivating designs.

These rugs are a testament to the limitless potential of creativity. They offer comfort and beauty in equal measure, and can be transformed to serve a variety of purposes. With a little imagination, they can become an integral part of your daily life, inspiring you to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Rug by GUR represents a celebration of art, heritage, and sustainable practices. With its designs, expert craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability, Rug by GUR unquestionably integrates art seamlessly into our lives.

Whether you’re searching for a standout piece to bring your room together or a one-of-a-kind artwork for your walls, Rug by GUR offers something for everyone. Their collection showcases surprises, delights, and rugs like “Sardines,” which playfully reimagines traditional Portuguese fish, and abstract yet vibrant designs like “Origami.”

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