Burel Factory
Weaving Portugal’s Past into the Present.

Where tradition and innovation unite to create timeless beauty.

The Burel Factory is a unique and fascinating destination located in the heart of Portugal. It is a testament to the country’s heritage and the timeless beauty of natural, sustainable materials. The factory is a living tribute to the art of creating burel, a felted wool renowned for its strength and inherent resistance to nature’s elements. The artisanal skill and expertise of the workers uphold the centuries-old tradition of creating this fabric.

Burel is a fabric with a history that dates back to ancient times, originating from the Pyrenees mountains. The term “burel” derives from Old French and refers to a reddish-brown woolen cloth with long fibers. This particular fabric was crafted from wool referred to as “burra” in Late Latin. The process of creating burel involves several steps, each performed with precision and care. It starts with shearing wool from sheep, spinning it into yarn, and selecting the finest quality fibers. The yarn is then woven on looms and treated in a machine called a stomper. The end result is burel, a fabric made entirely from sheep’s wool that boasts not only durability and waterproof properties but also carries within it a piece of heritage.

At the Burel Factory, the age-old tradition of working with burel is celebrated with pride. The factory offers a range of products, including blankets, stylish cushions, fashionable clothing, tops, coats, dresses, pants, skirts, and men’s pants that highlight the versatility of burel. The factory’s own line of products, designed by Isabel Dias da Costa, features 37 colors with textures and stitches that pay homage to tradition and culture. The products are truly works of art, meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty and functionality of burel. With 20 skilled artisans at work in the factory producing exquisite blankets, bags, knapsacks, shoes, and homeware with original retro designs, the Burel Factory is a hub of creativity and innovation.

But, the true enchantment of the Burel Factory resides in the artisans who uphold the centuries-old tradition, using their expertise and passion to transform raw wool into exquisite products.

A visit to the Burel Factory is an experience that transports you to a world where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist. You can explore their collections, delve into the captivating process of burel production, and witness firsthand the skilled artisans at work. The factory stands as a testament to the enduring power of tradition, the beauty of nature, and the utmost significance of sustainability. It serves as a junction where past and present intertwine, giving life to products that are not only aesthetically pleasing and practical but also carry within them a fragment of Portuguese heritage. Embarking on a journey through the Burel Factory is an endeavor well worth undertaking, where you’ll discover a piece of history that is as timeless as it is beautiful.