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triipi, everything pilllow!

Triipi® is a versatile pillow brand that provides a physical comfort and with a strong aesthetic concern. These two aspects were the motto for the creation of these portuguese brand.

The idea arose in 2014 from the need for a support to read comfortably when sitting on the sofa or bed, on trips, or on the beach.

Among so many experiences and layouts, the ideal design emerged during a trip to Sweden, when the founders of the brand noticed a milk carton in the shape of a tetrahedron and realized that this was really the format they were looking for.

They soon made a mold on the paper napkin to visualize the planning.

The design is so ergonomic that from triipi® books to triipi BIG®, a new concept of pyramid-shaped pouf practical to carry and ideal for supporting the back, it was easy to see how equally comfortable it would be.

The aesthetic component is essential and the fabrics are carefully chosen and adequate to the several environments.

Triipi® are designed and made by hand in Portugal. Design and model of national utility registered, with all rights reserved.