futah® was born on the Portuguese coast, with a warm breeze in the air and the sun setting over the ocean. It began as a wish to create the perfect beach towel, made for those who valued freedom above all else.

futah® was created in Portugal for those who value freedom and make it their Nature. Simple. Hassle free. What Nature should be like.

futah® is made with a unique fabric, inspired by traditional Arab towels. With the utmost respect for this ancient art, futah® reinvented the concept, perfecting the composition of the fabric and developing original patterns inspired by the Portuguese beaches we grew up on. The outcome is a light and resistant towel composed from 100% cotton, that dries fast and yet occupies very little space — perfect for hot days and cool nights.

All materials used in the production of futah® products are carefully selected and our factories are certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guaranteeing the best practices of the textile industry.

Throughout the value chain futah® is committed to operate in an ethical and sustainable manner.