Carapau Portuguese Products is a 100% Portuguese home deco brand. Create contemporary and high-quality products with focus on sustainable design, color and reinvention of traditional Portuguese materials.

It was created and designed by Rita Faria and Tiago Couto, two Portuguese graphic designers who decided create a project in parallel with their graphic design studio.

Carapau Portuguese Products create handcrafted home products with high-quality and ecological traditional Portuguese raw-materials which combine ancient erudition with a contemporary design. All products are handmade in their studio in Oporto, Portugal.

Burel is a traditional Portuguese artisanal fabric that is 100% wool. It is one of the most resistant fabric in the world. It is a strong, tight, wear-resistent, water-repellent and fire-retardant fabric. This characteristics come from the way in which it is made: the wool is washed, spun and woven into a fabric. Then it is pounded and scalded with very hot water, making it more compact and resistant.

Burel was originally created by the highland people to protect themselves from the rain, snow and cold winds of the mountains, used to make cloaks and other cloths, mainly workwear for farmers and shepherds. It is an eco-friendly product without harmful chemicals.