mishmash, designing tools to empower the most creative minds.

mishmash was built on a deep passion for everything office. Writing objects have the ability to capture ideas, and that grew into mishmash mission, to inspire you to be adventurous and fulfil your own dreams.

Beatriz, mishmash‘s Founder, spent most of her childhood around her grandfather’s stationery store, at the time, a proeminent store in the outskirts of Porto, and that grew to be a major inspiration in her design career.

From the start, mishmash perceived a lack in the exploration of materials and types of binding, an overall lack of concept research as we are used to see in editorial design, applied to stationery shelves all over the world.

A brand that in its core views experimentation as the first step to making your ideas come to live. mishmash‘s products should be experiments, mistakes, successes.
Beatriz Barros believes that “writing objects have the capacity of capturing ideas, becoming something they are not, becoming a mirror of each person’s personality and creativity” which grew into our mission, to inspire people to be adventurous and fulfill their dreams.

mishmash collaborates with other brands in the development of customised office products, like Guggenheim Museum, The Design Museum, COS Stores from H&M Group, and Whitney Museum of American Art.

Currently, mishmash has products available at www.mishmash.pt, as well as in around 100 stores spread over 20 countries. Our products are available at some of the most eye-catching office supplies retailers in the world from Papersmiths, London to McNally Jackson Books, New York.