Inusitado is a Portuguese brand of stationery that explores the relationship between paper and design.

It emerges from the need to slow down the pace and to create favorable moments for that. Through the intimate act of the paper, the relationship that is created with it. Through the act of writing, leafing, sketching, designing, giving back to ideas, scratching and erasing. The interesting thing is the record and the process that remains and that, at times, we reread and rewrite again and again.

The material is chosen in detail for each product, in order to create a sensory experience, in a sustainable way.

Founded in 2017, in Porto, by two graphic designers, Ana Brandão and Joana Bernardo. Passionates about the publishing world and all its aspects, the stationery arouses their curiosity and opportunity.

In a context in which they notice the lack of objects that explore the relationship with its user that question and encourage new ideas and approaches, they propose products that go beyond the experience of writing or drawing, but that become a stimulus. Through various types of papers, Inusitado privilege the uniqueness of each one – the texture, the smell, the way the ink or graphite reacts and the interaction as a whole.

Inusitado create notebooks with unconventional formats and openings and diaries that adapt to each person, exploring their versatility and temporal durability. The product becomes unique due to its handmade process with exclusive finishings, making it impossible to faithfully reproduce, thus valuing the product’s identity. Inusitado also comes from this idea, from something with an exclusive and distinctive value.

Combined with this concern for form and functionality with design, we value tradition and our origins. Our production is Portuguese and has the character of artisans. Together, we explore innovation and tradition, side by side.