Fine and Candy

Fine & Candy is a luxury stationery portuguese brand, that was created in 2009 from a desire to offer its customers the finest quality office pieces.

All the pieces presented by the brand are unique and totally elaborated by hand, through original design and using traditional and manual techniques.

Special attention is given to the quality of the materials, the design, finishes and color selection, which gives each piece a unique personality Fine & Candy.

Designed to be the perfect accessory Fine & Candy stationery and leather goods for everyday are equally sophisticated, united by fine craftsmanship, timeless style, and top-quality hardware and materials.

By adopting the traditional techniques of manual bookbinding, which differ little from the one practiced since the Middle Ages, Fine & Candy resorted to National Print ateliers, which have a book collection with over 100 years to create and produce different pieces.

Produced in old machinery, Fine & Candy stationery is performed individually. Making each piece unique, with little details that will make your office a lively and enviable place of pleasure.