The Pencil is for excellence the tool with which we all begin learning cycles. Fundamental for plastic expression, for written, mathematical and musical language. It is a common object in our lives since childhood and, although intimate, is often ignored.

To visit Viarco is to recognize the importance of the simple things of our lives, through an enchanted trip to the world of pencils. It is a place of pedagogy for children, which teaches and transmits values; of residence for artists; of industrial museology; of admiration.

However, at the same time, it is an industry. A creative industry that empowers talent for the development of new products, and creates opportunities for those with whom it relates, in a logic of shared wealth.

Since 2007, Viarco has successively launched innovative materials in the market world, fruit of many collaborations, experiences and friendships. That is why Viarco continues – and will continue – to be a company with an open door.