Talö Furniture

Talö is a studio in Alenquer, Portugal that develops pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Formed in middle of 2019 by André Paiva, through a personal eagerness to develop pieces that stirs with the user’s perception.

The studio gather a set of creatives from the most diverse areas, including product design, 3D rendering and photography.

Talö was founded with the ambition to create a unique collection of everyday contemporary furniture and accessories that serves modern lifestyles, with an industrial quality production.

The name Talö was born with this concept: developing interesting and accessible pieces.

The analogy present in the name meaning “home” and “new”. The Portuguese expression refers to a body of a plant in the growth phase, as well as our business being formed, while the same expression in Finnish literally meant “home”; and this connotation between these two words gave origin to the brand name.

Talö is constantly seeks new ideas, pieces and partnerships in order to overcome itself every day. Talö works directly with the consumer or in collaboration with stores and studios, where they plan and build unique objects for their customers.