Patricia Lobo

This brand born from the desire to offer a different product from the one we are accustomed to associate with ceramics, keeping alive a traditionally Portuguese craft allied to a contemporary design.

These pendant lamps, have a strong aesthetic and at the same time simple lines, can clearly comply with their purpose and, more than that, they can be a standout decorative element.

Inspired by the simple things of life, they show mostly minimal shapes that, on top of adapt to every space and interior design, can also become light and subtle in order to have a long life in the space they occupy, not only by the timeless versatility of its forms but also for its pastel, earthy and neutral colors.

It is important to raise awareness for the slow process of craftwork, understanding not only on its complexity but also its unpredictability. Most of the pieces are cooked in a gas muffle furnace that gives each piece textures and nuances that make it unique.