mauvais marie

mauvais marie® is a small brand of unique playful things, handmade in Portugal by Elsa Boucinha, an architect, crafter and proud mother of two little ones.

The brand started in 2018 with the idea of creating unique, sustainable, and carefully crafted toys that sparked the imagination.

mauvais marie® is the name of a bunch of unique playful creatures and other colorful things, made by hand in Portugal, by Elsa Boucinha, architect, artisan and proud mother of two children.

The first collection of soft toys and rattles from mauvais marie is full of personality as it is told by their peculiar noses and the mauvais marie family is still growing with a collection of smelling mushrooms and out of the box bananas.

All creatures are always ready for an adventure and hope, through play, to transmit the value of handmade work, to inspire curiosity and love for natural materials.