minimal cork

Minimal Cork is a Portuguese home design brand that uses exclusively cork material.

Minimal Cork wants to provide you quality and eco-friendly products, using the best ouf of nature and promoting a sustainable way of living and a lifestyle free of waste.

Minimal Cork is the perfect combination of an architect and a graphic designer.

António Brito is a Portuguese architect with more than 30 years of experience.

You can find him in the coastal city of Porto, riding his electric bike by the riverside or a tiny eco-friendly Smart when rain comes to town. He likes to design small but meaningful objects to embed on his architecture projects, which resulted in the challenge of creating a brand new line of exclusive design products.

Inês Brito is a Portuguese designer that has a tremendous experience in international projects and new businesses.

Her passion is to create a visual, emotional and unique connection between customers and companies. She complements her dads creative work in interior design and home decor by providing a special care to the marketing/business side of the project, promoting sustainability while fulfilling eco-friendly needs.

Minimal Cork products are 100% handmade and full of tradition.