Jinja Ritual

Jinja designs and produce a wide range of original, handcrafted products made from 100% recycled textile waste.

Founded by portuguese designer Norma Silva, in 2012, Jinja seeks sharing enjoyable rituals from our daily life through beautiful, sustainable products.

Our respect for nature underlies our entire eco-design creative process, meaning Jinja products come with a seal of responsibility!

In their collections, had already the collaboration of the australian designer Tom Allen in the design of drink coolers and setting up the bussiness model and marketing strategies, as well as the partnership with Musgo design studio in the Entrelaçado lamp.

Jinja products are responsibly handmade in Portugal and have been designed around the world.

Jinja logo white

S. Félix da Marinha,
4410-113 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal