Fuschini was founded in late 2018 by two architects. The idea of producing furniture was a dream that has been around for a long time.

Fuschini‘s journey began essentially with the preparation for the Milan Design Week, held in April 2019. This fair is undoubtedly the largest and most important furniture fair in the world and we were lucky to have been invited by a friend to exhibit there, having just designed a couple of pieces.

On the other hand, they felt that not only in Portugal, but also in the rest of Europe, it was difficult to find original and affordable furniture that lasts. This combination was almost always associated with exorbitant prices, and Fuschini have the great ambition to produce high quality furniture at fair prices.

Fuschini believes that a single piece of furniture can make all the difference in a space and the well-being of its users. This way they intend to reach as many homes as possible. Fuschini works every day to create more and better pieces. The big ambition is to be a referenced design brand in Portugal one day.