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DAM is a Portuguese brand founded in 2013 that talks about design, craftsmanship and industry. DAM is about high-quality Design Furniture and Accessories that tell stories. Designed with expertise and handcrafted with love in Portugal, the products combine traditional techniques and natural materials.

They appeal to emotions, simplicity and quality of life. Portuguese culture and nature are our inspirations.

All our products are crafted in Portugal where there is an abundance of skills and know-how. There is also a collective heritage that stays genuine.

Created by Joana Santos and Hugo Silva, the DAM brand was born from their sense of entrepreneurship and their desire to develop a project on its own. Created in 2013, the Designers set out to develop different products based on the existing furniture offered in Portugal and in the world. Today, both Designers participate in the creative development of furniture and accessories, where their creative skills are at the centre of the brand’s development.