BICAchair does not want to abandon the roots of the original chair, but rather provide it with a new set of features that will allow it a whole new indoors presence. A perfect chair is the one that allows us to be part of lengthy conversations whilst keeping us comfortable hours in a row. Although being often unnoticed, it is in moments like these that design proves to be of fundamental importance to help sharing stories and experiences.

Life is made of moments. Being able to share them is one of our greatest pleasures.

The BICAchair intends to be more than a furniture brand and aims to elevate the Portuguese chair to an international level, making it available, collectible and accessible to anyone.

BICAchair brand principles

BICAchair brand’s philosophy is based upon four fundamental pillars: design as a storyteller, environmental and social responsibility as a global duty, the customer being our first concern and waranty as an indisputable added value.

More than just a brand

The BICAchair has been a versatile option, used on terraces across the country, from luxury hotels, professional spaces and private environments. It has also guaranteed its presence at the Lisbon Design Museum (MUDE), as a symbol of Portuguese Culture. BICAchair’s Rebranding aspires to be more than just a brand, but a benchmark in Excellency.

Released again in 2020, the BICAchair paves the way for this iconic design to be part of our lives, in a more intimate and intense way, without ever forgetting the original model made by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos. With the highest quality materials and a powerful finish, it is more beautiful, more elegant and perfectly adapted to the surrounding life. The impressive attention given to the details and the chosen materials turn the modern Portuguese chair into a breathtaking model.