OWL Paperlamps

OWL paperlamps is a design brand created in 2016 by Hugo and Teresa, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Inspired by the origami art of folding small paper figures, OWL paperlamps combines modeling with illumination to design original papercraft lamps. OWL paperlamps invites people to join the process and build their own lamp, as all OWL paperlamps consist of a DIY (Do It Yourself) papercraft kit ready to be assembled.

The paperlamps are made with high quality 160g paper and a variety of bright colours was carefully selected to create unique environments when the lamps are lit.

OWL paperlamps most recent designs have focused on large, endangered mammals. The selection tends to raise awareness about wildlife and simultaneously recreates the animals in a playful and abstract manner. The designs trigger stories and are conceived as fun lighting objects with a hint of personality.