Cork Units

Cork Units is a homeware design brand created in 2019 by the third generation of a cork family company.

The idea started when Mariana’s brother asked her to draw a cork stool for his house.     Mariana is an architect and after some years working in London, she came back to Portugal to start Cork Units as a co-founder and creative director.

Joana is a mechanical engineer. After some international experiences in Europe and South America she joined the family business in 2017 and later Cork Units as a co-founder and sales director.

The brand is engaged in developing sustainable and eco-friendly products. The material used is solid natural cork. With a minimal level of transformation, the cork keeps most of its original properties, resulting in products with a low environmental footprint.

Cork Units products are addressed to people sensitive to the material, with a slow living lifestyle and concerned about the future of the planet. Taking as a motto ‘natural things belong together’, the intention of Cork Units is to be a conscious design brand, with a new look on the singularity of cork and its integration in the contemporary way of life.