BRANCA is a furniture Design label, born in Lisbon Portugal under the direction of Marco Sousa Santos.

BRANCA products illustrate how the most refined and long lasting pieces are often the result of a careful dialogue between design and craftsmanship. BRANCA values working with local producers that share its love for detail. The brand is based in Lisbon, inspired by the flair of the Atlantic ocean and brighten by the everlasting local white light.

BRANCA takes pride in working with high quality craft producers, combining their handmade skills with the latest digital production tools.

 By uniting Portuguese craftsmanship traditions with contemporary aesthetics, BRANCA aims to reignite the bygone era when products were developed with patience, expertise, knowledge and integrity, aiming to truly reach the level of a high-end furniture and accessory brand. BRANCA products represent design diligence, as each one is the result of an ethical approach on function, ergonomics, structure andsurface.

Aiming for a “good design” enterprise, BRANCA designs take good count on sustainability, material economy, and local integration for a balanced result on price, quality and innovation.