Bisarro ceramics are carefully developed and produced with strong inspiration in traditional methods.

Each piece is the fruit of the affection and love of several people who, with their own hands, knowledge and hard work try to offer the best possible final product. This complex process of manufacture implies that each piece is formally and aesthetically unique, which confers soul and personality to the object, something that we do not find in industrial manufacture.

The black pottery in Vila Real dates back to the 17th century which makes this art something that has to be protected and cherished.

It is amazing how in this art we can see the strength and resilience of the people of this region. You are mistaken if you think it’s an easy work. It’s not. It’s a arduous, heavy, dirty, tiring process, icy in winter, scorching in summer. Moreover, we must not forget that this is a wisdom passed from generation to generation to our day.