AMIDST studios is a lifestyle and interior decor brand based in Lisbon, working exclusively with high quality natural fibres making one of a kind handmade home textiles and goods with traditional stitching techniques.

AMIDST is small family owned business that is committed to making products with a distinct aesthetic presence, creating contemporary designs with minimal earth tones. All of AMIDST products are handmade, one by one, with special attention to detail, with a small, made-to-order, limited edition process.

AMIDST studios was created in 2016 by Mariana Torres, then living in London and working from a tiny studio flat just off iconic Portobello market. It came about as a project from the urge to stay creative, when deciding to study Holistic Nutrition after a graduation in Fine Art. 

The idea arose from the instinctive need to continue making, amidst other career pursuits.

In 2018, after living in the UK for 10 years, AMIDST studios creator moved back to Portugal, with University-sweetheart Rafał who supports the business amidst his own Fine Art career, while Mariana also balances her time between the studio and her Nutritional path.