Casa Brava

By adopting a “SLOW” lifestyle, healthy and eco-responsible, everyone can do their part!

In a clear desire to return to the sources in total harmony with nature, Casa Brava has developed a global concept inspired by ancestral traditions and relying on the excellence of the most authentic and healthy Portuguese products, such as a world-renowned olive oil.

By learning in two European capitals, Paris and Brussels, the cold saponification, noble process already known in the seventeenth century, Casa Brava works with high-quality organic and natural Portuguese raw materials such as the world-renowned organic extra virgin olive oil.

In parallel, Casa Brava wants to develop a range of accessories for the bath, the kitchen and more generally the well-being. Always in an ecological approach, to recycle different species of wood found locally to create useful objects in everyday life, with a simple and authentic design, reflecting a return to the sources, to the essential.

Each creation is unique, handmade and combining design and technique.