amê moi

Next door with the historic city of Porto, absorbing the influence of the ancestral secrets of the beautiful region of Entre-o-Douro and Minho, lies the headquarters of âme moi.

Alberto Gomes and Margarida Jácome, founders of the brand, promoting the cultural heritage and crafts of this region, valuing quality and exclusivity, and feeling the tradition as their main stimulus, began the journey of creating a luxury brand of accessories.

Having as its primary and feeder roots this fascination for the equestrian world (inspired by the passion for the horses of their two sons, two young riders), âme moi soon found the best representation of the soul, which has to be one between horse and rider, in the tassels of natural mane, which though continuously reinvented, are from the beginning present in each piece and are the DNA of the brand as if a true soul really was …

The red lining, another constant in each bag, is âme moi‘s identity detail and conveys this passion of pure blood.

The manufacture and care given to each detail closes this forever in love vision with the very unique world of each woman which is her purse.

And because every woman is unique, the elegance, the delicacy and the exclusivity of all âme moi models have as final purpose this demanding, vibrant and contemporary woman.