Zouri Shoes


ZOURI is an eco-vegan footwear brand that uses plastic trash from the Portuguese coast together with ecologic and sustainable materials.

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Noogmi is a Portuguese brand that draws inspiration from their origins perfectly married with design, comfort and tradition.

The richness of the Portuguese raw materials such as burel and cork, associated with the handcrafted production translates into a pure and delicate line, revealing their uniqueness in singular pieces with strong believes​ in sustainability and zero waste.

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This is a 100% Portuguese brand and all items are carefully handmade by CLUOH’s artisans.
The attention to detail is present throughout the product lifecycle, from concept and production to delivery. This thoroughness guarantees the quality of each and every piece.

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Yako & co.


Inspired by the protection pieces of the oldest craftsmen, Yako & Co developed quality leather aprons. Adapted to today’s needs, they are functional, beautiful and built to last a long, long time!

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IdealCo Featured Image 1620x1080 1


Ideal&Co – Living Heritage* is a 100% Portuguese brand, whose aim is, through its collections, to reinterpret, preserve and share the beauty of what is genuine and Made in Portugal.

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amê moi


The red lining, a constant in each bag, is âme moi‘s identity detail and conveys the passion of pure blood.
The manufacture and care given to each detail closes this forever in love vision with the very unique world of each woman which is her purse

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